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In todays world most tea and tea companies purchase their tea from large scale industrial processors and simply brand the same product.

Amphora tea is farmed from local family farms and generational farmers.  We aquire from the field.  We like our producers are a family institution with humble beginnings.  Our wish is to provide our clients with the authenticity that only family can provide.

In that we have not only created tea, we are recreating a lifestyle movement with tenets of family, quality, health and premium experiences.  This is Amphora.  This is the Amphoralife.

We are pleased to offer Chamomile and Chamomile Vanilla & Honey as our flagship flavors.  Click here to try it.

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We look forward to serving you!

Team Amphora

Ambrossia Naturals

Was born out of a desire to provide trusted brands steeped in history, tradition and quality.  We aim to build a portfolio of products that infuse old world appreciation for the fruits of mother nature with modern food beverage standards and excellence.

Here at Ambrossia Naturals we understand that our success is achieved through balance.  Balance with our partners, our environment and contributions to the betterment of our communities. That is why we source our products fro family run and generational farmers whose respect for the ecosystem, its balance and sustainability has spanned decades and centuries. It's their dedication to excellence in agriculture and cultivation that we seek to honor in our products. 

About Us

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